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While the world is disrupted caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the effort to seek mercy from God is more important through the test that has been given by ALLAH SWT.

As a Muslim, we need to be aware that a disaster or calamity that occurs is an important reminder from Allah for His servants on this earth.

It is also a sign that all mankind should return to the right path and repent from committing all its vices and prohibitions.

If we are patient with this test, then we will be given good rewards and rewards in this world or the hereafter.

Every day we have been lulled into a life full of sinful RIBA for so long that we consider it normal and sinless.

Let us strive to get out of the things that GOD hates by asking for forgiveness, intending, and trying to get out of the sin of RIBA.

Strive for more good deeds by prostrating and praying. Visit to start the way out of RIBA.

# BebasRiba2030

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