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Together in the fight to release Bangsa Melayu from the economic system based on Riba and try to return the greatness of Bangsa Melayu in Malay Sultanate of Malacca heyday.

Malakat elected as mall name that is given by trader Arab which means ‘Assembly of all Businesses’ it is aimed to light up the spirit of the Malay people that we realize Bangsa that have great and respected throughout the world have the ability to return wake and back great! InshaAllah!

I only trigger and struggle with the leader that is called Malakat Mall. Ship modern version ‘Mendam Berahi. Pilot projects first require our sacrifice to prove to our society that we can only succeed if we unite the strength that a little still has inside us.

A Malakat Mall requires a minimum 15,000 families to transfer daily expenses and household monthly from other ‘Mall’ to Malakat Mall. Although quite a little further and may not be fully equipped, but we hope for support and sacrifice. There is no success without sacrifice.

Because in the opening stage, many that do not believe that Malakat Mall can succeed, there is no one that wants to be with us. So we have to build new brands itself to ensure that it sort of became a Mall that is comparable to other Mall Mall.

Alhamdulillah! With help Allah surely, we witnessed over 24,000 come to Malakat Mall in four first day openings before PKP implemented.

Malakat First Mall is a pilot project owned fully by us and we submit royalty right from sales to Korporasi Pembangunan Pengguna Islamic Malaysia (KoPPIM) gradually according to KoPPIM capacity.

This to ensure KoPPIM investment plays safe. InshaAllah we confident will be able to giving dividend return to member from 8-15% a year.

Malakat Mall owned by YOU with only RM100 per month! Campaign to increase KoPPIM membership and aimed for 1 million members that enabled tarbiah on mutual interest in KoPPIM.

We are very hopeful MPM members together we make KoPPIM as unification channel Bangsa Melayu. We only will be strong if we capture the retail market country.

Like all known value sundry expense countries we in 2019 worth RM 110 Billion. Malay Race only gets less 8% from this large number. This amount is actually contributed by Bangsa Malay itself as the largest consumer country we.

That is more distressing 60% from RM110 Billion actually controlled by foreign companies. We have several opportunities to take over strategic ownership like TESCO, McDONALD, King Burger, A&W but because we are not mempunyai strategic investment entities, we failed to take the chance to take over when they sold.

KoPPIM will become the strategic investment entity Bangsa Melayu and Islamic Malaysia. We only need to convince our friends and relatives to become a member by just buying shares of RM100 per month only.

I invited all of you as advisers and KoPPIM journey observers and Malakat Mall. We are ready to study, reprimanded, repaired and so receptive to accept advice from struggling friends. Transfer routine miscellaneous fee from other Mall to Malakat Mall will convince Saudara that we are not yet aware more.

Our Target

A Malakat Mall 15,000 x family RM1,667 (cost family) x12 = RM300 x Juta 100 Mall = RM30 Billion a year.

This will enable us to take over 30% market share from foreign companies. Alhamdulillah! We took over 10 bids and took over Mall-Mall in the whole Malaysia.
I hope to meet with SAUDARA who spends at Malakat Mall.

Yes Allah! Showing our effort in looking for Mu acceptance to re-establish the glory of Islam and protecting our family from YOUR wrath. If I die, kill me in this battle!

Fadzil Coach
Fighter Economy and Islamic Education

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